When you decide how to invest your inherited money, your time horizon and your tolerance for risk are major factors to consider. It is important to bring all the pieces of your financial life together, especially during a challenging time. Our Certified Financial Planners are ready to assist and answer any questions you have regarding the financial implications of any decision you intend to make.

Questions to consider include:
What are the tax implications of liquidating and distributing the estate?
  I am not only the Executor/Executrix, but I am listed as a Trustee – what are my responsibilities?
  I am receiving an inheritance, now what?
  Is my Estate Plan impacted by this and do I need to update my documents?

Although many professionals may call themselves “financial planners,” CFP® professionals have completed extensive training and experience requirements and are held to rigorous ethical standards. They understand all the complexities of the changing financial climate and will make recommendations in your best interest. Today more than ever, Certified Financial Planner professionals are an essential resource. From budgeting, to planning for retirement, to saving for education, buying real estate, to managing your taxes and your insurance coverage, “finances” doesn’t mean just one thing for most Americans — and “financial planning” means much more than just investing.  

As a curtesy to all of our New Jersey Probate team clients, our Certified Financial Planner offers (1) FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultation to help get you and your family moving in the right direction. That said, whether you are facing hardships and tax burdens from your loved ones passing or are in line for a financial win fall, we are here to help every step of the way!