The Daunno’s Story, Probate Lessons Learned from Personal Experience

In less than a year between February 2015 and January 2016, Rudy and Brandon Daunno watched as their uncle, Chris Burke, and their father, Rudolph Daunno Jr, each developed different forms of cancer and passed away all too young. Both men were only 61 years old at the time of their passing. In the months and years that followed, the Daunno brothers learned countless valuable lessons about managing estate assets, handling debts and expenses, and closing out an estate. Being real estate broker’s themselves, their family relied on them to handle the sale of various pieces of property including their uncle’s primary residence and their father’s office building. While the experiences in both situations were forgettable ones, the brothers entrepreneurial spirit eventually took hold. Being eternal optimists, they wanted to share their experiences and use them as an opportunity to help others who faced similarly tough situations.  

From these two tragedy’s, came the concept for the New Jersey Probate team. The concept behind the team was a simple one. Take the experiences and life lessons learned while probating the estates of their own loved ones and offer them to other people facing similar situations. In the end, the New Jersey Probate team was set up to provide families overwhelmed with the loss of a loved one, a one stop shop to find Realtors, Attorneys, Financial Planners, Handy Men, Cleaning Crews and Estate Liquidation Experts all well versed in these types of home sales.  

In the end, our goal is to give the executor or administrator the information, tools, contacts, and support necessary to focus on the end game of getting their inherited house sold and distributing the assets to the people who are entitled to them.  

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In loving memory of:
Rudy Daunno Jr Chris Burke